Constitutional Carry Clears Committee in WI

Looks like it’s been voted out of judiciary. Says NRA’s lobbyists working WI:

“Our perfect scenario is to have the constitutional carry bill pass, along with a licensing bill,” said LaSorte, shortly before boarding a plane back to Wisconsin late Monday afternoon.

Of course, <sarcasm>since it’s become such a well known fact that NRA is opposed to constitutional carry, clearly the newspaper has to be making this quote from Darren up out of whole cloth.</sarcasm>

I am working on a post regarding the late happenings in New Hampshire in regards to Constitutional Carry, but I want to make sure I have my facts straight first, which takes time, and my time is not a plentiful commodity right now.

3 thoughts on “Constitutional Carry Clears Committee in WI”

  1. That’s a horribly written article (go figure). They leave to the end that the committee version that passed is an Alaska-carry version.

    “The bill the committee adopted would allow people to carry concealed weapons in most places without getting permits as long as they were a state resident, 21 or older and not otherwise barred from possessing firearms. They could also get optional permits that would allow them to carry guns closer to schools and give them the ability to carry concealed weapons in other states that have reciprocity agreements.”

    But that’s not as sexy, nor did the journalists probably educate themselves on the topic.

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