Easy Availability

The Inquirer, probably reeling from the same slow news cycle even I’m lamenting, decides to bring out one of the media’s favorite deceased equines for a good flogging:

The easy availability of handguns, legal or not, poses a serious challenge to public safety. That’s why mayors, including Nutter, in dozens of communities across the state need to keep pushing for tighter controls on the purchase of handguns that end up being resold to criminals.

No policy prescriptions, no serious analysis of how criminals are getting handguns, it’s just too easy. End of debate. That is as far as their intellectual exploration of the topic will go. Because a couple of gang members shot up a night club, the rest of us have to pay the price in sacrificed freedom.

2 thoughts on “Easy Availability”

  1. If they catch the shooters, my spidey sense tells me that they probably have extensive criminal histories and also had lots of plea bargains, nolle prossed, and might even be on parole. If this is the case, my spidey sense tells me that The Inquirer won’t say a peep about it, or demand an end to Philly’s “catch and release” program.

    You know what keeps guns away from criminals? Metal bars.

  2. Oh, you don’t accept the “too easy” part? You would have us describe what is meant by “too easy,” so what, so you could hav e a greater case of our flogging the dead horse.

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