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  1. I would be willing to bet that neither of the “troubled” youths in this story had a father at home.

  2. Actually, David is now on the National Gun Rights Examiner, and Daniel White has taken over the Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner.

  3. I’ve yet to figure out how the Examiner system works. For me it says Philadelphia Gun Rights Examiner… or it seems to.

  4. Youth today are probably more violent due to a combination of media and bad parenting/judgement/learning skills.

    Not guns. Guns are just unwitting pawns in the whole media circus.

    Most of us get shown a life of plenty and pleasure either in the home or in the media, but not really shown how to get to it responsibly. Most of us got raised on this credit mess that leads to overspending and debt which drives people up the wall.

    Okay, so in short, it’s not the guns, it’s the lack of responsibility and maturity being taught at an early age.

    For the most part. Every kid is different. But don’t blame the guns and don’t blame violent video games and movies and rap lyrics, and don’t blame any hedonistic promises we are being shown, either. A lot of us kids in college know that stuff is all fiction, thank you very much, we don’t need fools like the Brady Bunch telling us what to do.

    Yet the Brady Bunch, in their infinite wisdom, while claiming to do “everything for our children” also tars us with the same brush as “irresponsible, drug addicted, alcoholic, and emotionally unstable” when we enter college.

    Shows how much you care about kids, Helmke, use them to further your agenda, and then kneecap them when they’re of no use to you. Hypocrite.

  5. Thanks Sebastian. I understand the confusion.

    The National column will come through regardless of the city, in its “Politics” section. If you look at the top banner, regardless of where you access it, you’ll see you can click on “change my location,” and either select a city or “national.”

    So if you go to Cleveland, you’ll find Daniel’s column. If you pick LA, you’ll find John Longenecker (who, incidentally, just got a book plug from Dr. Laura). St. Louis features Kurt Hofmann, familiar to most here as 45superman of “Armed and Safe.” All are filed under “politics” and can be found there if recent entries have bumped us down off the main page.

    The above link in Paul’s comment for Daniel goes to his main page, and you will always see his most recent column on top.

    National is:
    St, Louis:

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