Easy Access

Pro-gun Progressive takes on the “easy access to guns” canard showing up in the Baltimore media.  Funny, just a few days ago the BBC was touting this crap too.

What is “easy access”?  Basically, any access is “easy access” to these people.

One Response to “Easy Access”

  1. Carl in Chicago says:

    One of my favorite quotes on this is credited to Polsby and Kates (1997) in the Washington University Law Quarterly.

    “Undeniably, the murder rate in this country (both perpetration and victimization) increased rapidly among teenagers, especially among minorities, from 1983 to 1992. However, firearms are not “more accessible” to today’s adolescents than they were to yesterday’s. In fact, until 1968 anyone in this country could readily mail-order Army surplus .45 automatic pistols, German Lugers, high-powered semi-automatic rifles, or even trench mortars and bazookas, along with ammunition for all. Munitions of all sorts…could be purchased anonymously by anyone who would check a box on a mailing coupon that said “I am 21 years old or older.” Despite this laisser faire regime, in the twenty years following the end of World War II, America’s crime rates, including its murder rate, were much lower than today.”