Close the Assault Truck Loophole!

From the auto blog:

Teams of analysts are combing through a mountain of data recovered from bin Laden’s compound, and one nugget of information they’ve found is a bit surprising; bin Laden was against a proposed plan for U.S.-based Al Qaeda operatives to weld blades to the grilles of pickup trucks and run down pedestrians.

Because, you know, the only way you can kill a lot of people, obviously, is to get a gun at a gun show.

11 thoughts on “Close the Assault Truck Loophole!”

  1. I bet those assault trucks have high-capacity gas tanks.
    I also bet some of those trucks get shipped to Mexico.

  2. I bet they couldn’t find anyone who knew how to weld…
    They aren’t the smartest bunch.

  3. Why can’t they deny driver’s licenses to everyone on the terrorist watchlist? It is just a privilege after all.

  4. The problem with that TS is that if you claim you aren’t going to drive on the road, you don’t need a license, you don’t need to transfer the registration on the vehicle, you don’t need insurance, etc. My god, they need to make running down pedestrians in an unregistered vehicle without insurance against the law…that way it will be even illegaler to do it!

  5. We need “SUV-free zones” to stop the carnage.

    No one would drive where it is prohibited (i.e. it’s unimpossible).

    Think of the children!
    If we can save just one life by making everyone walk, bike, or drive a ridiculous SMARTcar.

  6. There are ways to get these trucks, some people let anything get smuggled across the border.

  7. A “one truck a month” law would surely help to prevent this type a terror plot. There also surely needs to be a ban on the private sales of trucks. Let’s also ban all of those dreadful “truck shows” too. Then we’ll be safe. Just don’t you ever dare suggest that we profile Islamic terrorists anywhere, at any time, or then you’ll get them really, really mad at us, since they are only just really mad at us already.

  8. Mel Gibson has experience with this sort of thing. He made a documentary on this issue back inthe 80’s

  9. Gonna have to be a pretty old truck. Just about every consumer grade truck made in the past 20+ years has a plastic grill.

    Now, if someone wants to weld blades on to a Ranch Hand grill guard or such, that’s a different matter.

    But I’d pay to wach Achmed strike the electrode on the blade he has clamped to the chrome-plated, plastic F-One Fiddy grill.

    Yep, it’d spark, all right. And the plastic would melt in about 0.0002 seconds.

    Who’s a sad camel? Awww, Achmed’s the sad camel!

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  10. Oh, we have to ban cheap, easily concealable small cars like the Smart, too. They can fit in a pocket and because of their all-plastic construction, they can’t be seen by speed radar or metal detectors.

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