Luzerne County Lowers Permit Fee

The new Sheriff of Luzerne County is lowering the fee for License to Carry from $31 to $20. This is good news, because overcharging for LTCs has been a persistent problem among PA Sherrifs. It’s good at least one is doing something about it.

5 thoughts on “Luzerne County Lowers Permit Fee”

  1. “Some counties didn’t have the technology to print a hard, plastic permit,” Bueki said. “They just issued pieces of paper.”

    When I got my Luzerne Co permit back in 2004 this is why I didn’t complain about the higher than legal fee.

    My buddy in another county got a stupid piece of paper that took a while to get. I got a nice good quality DL style and size permit with my picture and it all took 15 minutes. Went through the wash a few times fine.

  2. The Berks County Sheriff announced the same thing earlier this week. The $5 records fee expired and the cost went down.

  3. I note the Tioga county sheriff’s web site says $20 and issue on the spot.

  4. They steal your freedom and then sell it back to you for twenty bucks. You can avoid arrest and jail for twenty bucks! What a deal! How about having them not beat you senseless for fifty bucks? That’s a better deal! How about having them not kill you for a hundred? Now, THAT’S a deal!

  5. Chas:

    Remember, none of our lawmakers are royalty. We elected them. So quit bitching about it and make sure you actually get out and vote on Tuesday. Odds are, you’ll be one of those 85% of voters who skip the election this Tuesday with some pathetic excuse as to why.

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