13 thoughts on “Global Gun Control”

  1. As someone with Libertarian tendencies, I tend to have the attitude of “if people want tyranny, just keep my head low, and hope for the best”–I’d only advocate a revolution if I’m convinced that a super-majority of people want the blessings–and responsibilities–of freedom.

  2. For them it’s important to have a registration scheme…it makes rounding up the dissenters for execution, so much easier.

    Deny this reality at your own peril because governments have routinely killed their own people. I would not trust the America-hating U.N. with a lemonade stand.

  3. The UN is run by a bunch of dictators. Of course they want to control the weapons they are a threat to their power.

  4. Is this not the same group that gave praise to Egypt and Libya for human rights advances as the military was busy mowing down protesters?

  5. So we’ll have Canada’s useless registry writ world wide. What a useless pack of utter nonsense guaranteed to do nothing but employ the retarded offspring of African dictators with featherbed jobs in New York.

  6. Come to think of it, what is the UN going to do when citizens of certain countries–the United States and Switzerland in particular–simply just refuse to comply? For that matter, isn’t Afghanistan known for being able to produce a surprisingly wide variety (in both quality and type) of arms, *in caves*? I’m sure those cave gunsmiths are just *itching* to register all their work!

    I also can’t help but wonder if it would be viable to overload the system with “false positives”, by registering firearms that simply do not exist, to “people” whose “addresses” include such public places as malls, schools, cemeteries, etc. What bureaucrat will have the time to check out all these places?

  7. The UN can go kiss my hairy backside. If their hokey schemes on global gun registration ever come to pass, I will make a a point of investing in a metal lathe/milling machine and learning how to fully manufacture my own collection of totally unregistered firearms.

  8. I stand corrected. The inept U.N. blue-helmet peacekeepers trying to enforce such a firearms registration scheme could not find me even with my full address, a GPS unit, a tracking dog, and Joan Peterson leading the troop column. Perhaps I am a tad paranoid. Since when has the U.N. accomplished anything of value to mankind…wait for it…wait for it…yeah, that is a big zero, zilch, nada, never.

    Even if our idiots in Congress signed a treaty to the effect of such a gun registration scheme, how is it not automatically trumped by the Second Amendment? Invalid out of the gate.

  9. The current UN considers themselves inheritors of the alliance to defeat the Nazis, so, there is that… (And the term was so-used at least as of June 1944).

    Also, smallpox eradication is if some minor use to mankind.

    The UN has issues, and I’d just as soon see it restructured and its importance and power reduced – but to say that it has never accomplished anything of value is a tad hyperbolic. Cost for benefit is down in the weeds, but there are some people in the organizations doing right and good.

  10. “I will make a a point of investing in a metal lathe/milling machine and learning how to fully manufacture my own collection of totally unregistered firearms.”

    Some day, I would like to do this, and take it a step further: purchase a used car, and see how many different weapons (firearms, knives, and bayonets) I could make from it.

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