Pennsyvlania Sportsmen Divided on Global Warming

Good article about the divide appearing on the global warming issue among sportsmen here in the Keystone State:

An intense debate about whether global warming exists — and what should be done about it — has created a sharp division within Pennsylvania’s largest sportsmen’s organization and threatens its 71-year conservation alliance with the National Wildlife Federation.

The 100,000-member Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs has wrestled with global warming for years. But the issue came to a head in March during the group’s spring convention in Williamsport, where several delegates threatened to quit if an NWF-sponsored resolution recognizing global warming as a serious environmental problem was adopted.

I think there’s a real risk in bringing other parts of the conservative agenda into situations like this.  While I would agree sportsmen should reject anything seriously radical, it seems to me recognizing global warming as a serious environmental problem ought not ruffle enough feathers to risk fracturing the coalition.

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  1. I meant to comment a while ago, but this is to be expected. NWF targeted sportsmen with a media blitz and website that wasn’t obviously tied to them about a year and a half ago. This was their goal. They don’t want to simply bring attention to the issue among sportsmen, they want to break the voting bloc.

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