First PJTV Interview

I speak for a bit with Professor Glenn Reynolds about 3D printed magazines, among other things. For those who are interested in the project, you can explore the category here.

The one thing I hate about interviews is the sound of my own voice. I normally don’t think I have much of a Philly accent, but I can hear it stronger when I’m listening to myself.

14 thoughts on “First PJTV Interview”

  1. I guarantee you that Glen R. hates his voice even worse!
    (at least he ought to)

  2. Nice interview, Sebastian. Thanks for doing that. At first, I was wondering if you guys would get to the context for attempting to print magazines … but then you did and it all came together nicely. Good stuff!

  3. I can’t listen to the interview at work, for technical reasons; I’ll have to see if I can catch it at home. In any case, I won’t sweat accents too much–we all have them, and they add color to our personality.

    Just a couple of weeks ago, my family and I made a round trip to visit extended family in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. When we stopped at a rest area in Montana, I listened briefly to someone else speaking on a cell phone nearby.

    I told my wife, “Except for the smoking and the swearing, that person sounded a bit like your dad!” It turns out that some of those mannerisms I thought were strictly mannerisms of my father-in-law, were actually Montana mannerisms. My father-in-law grew up in Montana, but it’s been decades since he had lived there.

  4. Wow, you look great and sound so cool! Loved it!!! Great job, too! Thanks for showing this!!! (You could run for office and win!)

  5. I finally got to listen to you yesterday. You did a great job! And it was interesting to put a voice and a face to the words I read here on a regular basis. For some odd, weird reason I can’t quite place my finger on, you sound nothing like the randomly-picked voice I subconsciously attached to your printed words.

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