New Jersey Dead Last in NICS Stats

Cemetery is reporting that New Jersey is dead last in NICS checks.  Sales there are still up by over 30%, but with one of the lowest rates of (legal) gun ownership in the country, New Jersey’s just not a big enough slice of the pie to compete with other states.  Pennsylvania is selling an order of magnitude more guns per person.  Onerous restrictions in NJ are also going to put a lid on demand.  Many folks who have applied for permit to purchases or FIDs after Novermber 4th are no doubt still waiting for them, and will wait for more than a year in many cases.  This despite the fact that the law calls for a 90 30 day issuance.  Obeying the gun laws over there is mandatory for the citizen, with multi-year mandatory jail sentences for forgetting some obscure detail, but optional for the police.   All in the name of public safety, you know.

8 Responses to “New Jersey Dead Last in NICS Stats”

  1. One thing that is odd though, for myself, and people I’ve met who have gone through safety classes, when showing the certificate of successful completion upon applying for the FID, there has never been any delay. At most, everything has been pushed towards the end of the stated time required by law.

    And the only time my permits for handguns have been delayed, was because of vacation time. I still got it well within the so called 30 day limit. Somebody must be doing something wrong.

    Yet, I still hear of horror stories regarding JCPD, pushing nine months in some cases. Just can’t figure out the discrepancy……

  2. George Tips says:

    The NJ law calls for a 30 day approval/disapproval for FOID or pistol purchase permits. Some localities (especially thosed served by the NJ State Police) take months.

  3. skrip00 says:

    I am buying as many guns as I can!! Problem is, a lot of NJ gun shops are really low on stock. I’ve been waiting months to find an NJ legal AR or FAL. No dice.

  4. Jeremy says:

    I know it depends on the local authorities to get FID cards and handgun permits back in 30 days, I have to say that my police detective who is in charge of permits was awesome. I had everything back to me exactly 30 days after applying.

    Also, to Cemetery’s Gun blog, What safety classes did you have to take in NJ to get your permits? I do not believe there is such a requirement in the state.

  5. Jeremy:

    There is no such requirement for taking safety classes first in NJ, but it seems that people who do, have better luck getting their stuff as opposed to people walking in off the street. Yes, it’s odd. And I’ve had a few instructors say the same thing.

  6. Carl in Chicago says:

    My God, look at Kentucky. More than 4 times the per-capita NICS checks than the next highest state of Wyoming.

  7. Jeremy says:


    Thanks for the info! Also it is great to find someone who writes a blog and lives in NJ. Keep up the great work. Perhaps we can go shooting some time.

  8. Ian Argent says:

    My muni police were pretty good about the whole thing; with most of my delay attributed to my references sitting on the paperwork they had to do, and the staties rejecting my prints as illegible for the first set. My wife got hers withinvdays of our reference sending in the questionnaire.

    Still an unconstitutional violation of my rights…