Busy Week

I have two interviews this week. I feel like I need to hit both out of the park, as something needs to progress to an offer soon. Today I’m headed to New York City to see a former colleague, who works at one of the places I’m trying to get into. This is just a social call, but I’m also scoping the place out. I’m also meeting with another researcher I used to work with at my former company. I’m a lot more worried about some of them than I am about myself, given the state of the industry right now.

Until I return later this evening, I leave you in Bitter’s capable hands. Blogging may be a bit light as I prep for some of these interviews.

7 thoughts on “Busy Week”

  1. Remember, when going to job interviews … never take more than a 6 pack. You’re just there to have fun, not to get drunk.

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