Tory Victory in Canada

The recent election gains by the Conservative Party in Canada probably means their long gun registry will go poof. This is significant, because I believe it will be the first time internationally any developed, Democratic country, other than the United States, has rolled back a major gun control law.

7 thoughts on “Tory Victory in Canada”

  1. New Zealand has them beat. They ditched their whole gun registry years ago because it had never helped them solve a crime.

  2. Come on Sebastian, pols say anything to get elected. Lets see what they do. How many of our freshmen have already forgotten the promises that put them in office?

  3. Wouldn’t you consider the legalization of concealed carry across the US to count as a major rollback of firearms law?

  4. I’m a Canadian and the Tories tried this when they were a minority government, I believe they lost 156-152. Hopefully with the majority they’ll be more succesful

  5. Markie Marxist sez: “But the Canadian gun registry worked so well to abuse law-abiding Canadian gun owners! It was perfectly politically functional! So what if it never solved a crime? That was just a ruse to get it it place. It harassed lawful gun owners just fine and that was all we wanted it do anyway.”

  6. Yup. Somewhere I used to have a copy of the New Zealand Police Department report where they explained that they wanted the long gun registry eliminated because keeping it up to date was interfering with police work. They also explained that it was originally adopted out of fear of Bolshevik Revolution right after World War I.

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