Only to The Brady Campaign

Showing up at a press conference is now considered spying. They are claiming NRA misrepresented themselves, claiming to be CBS News. Personally, I think this is brilliant if that’s the case. We have to be willing to do whatever it takes to ruin their credibility, and demoralize them.

Here’s the coverage NRA News got. You will notice the Brady video is filmed as such an angle you can’t tell Paul Helmke is speaking to an empty room.

UPDATE: I understand that this is apparently a mistake on the part of NRA News, and Cam apologized to the Brady Campaign tonight on the air. Apparently their contractor they used failed to properly represent himself. I believe this, since I remember retweeting something from Cam this regard a few days ago. So Cam is either being honest here, or very bad at subterfuge. I would say the former, but I would bet Brady won’t update to correct the spying allegations.

17 thoughts on “Only to The Brady Campaign”

  1. Spying? You’d think they’d be grateful that the NRA doubled the number of people attending the press conference.

  2. Ummm… what am I missing here? Press conference. Member of press shows up. To a PRESS CONFRENCE.
    Yup, sounds like a clear case of spying to me!

  3. How does one “spy” at a press conference? Even if the press conference is smaller than a private meeting.

  4. Calls of “spying” is over the top, but misrepresenting oneself is not truthful.

  5. Was it a closed Press Release? SPYING??? No..

    The press lie to us everyday, Helmke is a master liar and should never call the kettle black.

    We are still WINNING!!!!!!

  6. Now Brady has invented the “Confidential Press Release?”.
    And I always thought “burn before reading” was a joke!

    I guess that after spending money on the press release and the room, and advertising the stupid event, and not having anyone show up, the Brady Bunch is trying to get as much mileage out of it as they can.

  7. All of which begs the question: Would the Bradys have altered their message if they had known the NRA was in the room? Did they have one version for an empty room and another in case someone was watching?

  8. Then I suppose I should have personally ejected Rachel Maddow from the exhibit floor in Pittsburgh Friday? Personally, I think allowing her to spew her foolishness is more damaging in the long run as I doubt she’s converting anyone who isn’t already predisposed to the anti-gun rhetoric.

  9. Is there a problem with spying on your enemy???

    Which I think gets to Denton’s point. And the answer is yes.

  10. That would be yes to Denton’s question – that they would have said something different had they known. Not that there is anything wrong with spying. Heck, I do it all the time myself.

  11. Markie Marxist sez: “This is an outrageous act of deception on the part of the NRA! My commie compadres at CBS News would never have shown that Helmke was speaking to an empty room! CBS News can be counted on to deceive the public like that.”

  12. and this is different from sending hidden cameras into gun shows? The antis have been using those tactics for years. It’s about time the pro gunners wised up and began fighting back.

    1. Actually, I would say it’s different. Paul knew he was talking to a camera. He knew he was being filmed at a press conference. The gun show people did not know they were being filmed. They also did not lead Paul into saying things he hadn’t already planned on saying on camera.

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