Pittsburgh Flouting Preemption

Looks like a Pittsburgh man was arrested for openly carrying, based on a Pittsburgh ordinance that’s pretty clearly unlawful.  Open carry is forbidden without a license in a City of the First Class (i.e. Philadelphia), but that’s actually part of Pennsylvania Law, not a city ordinance.  Pittsburgh apparently decided it needed such a law too, and just passed it, in violation of the proscription of the state legislature.  I guess they don’t like the fact that under state law, Pittsburgh isn’t a first class city.

2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Flouting Preemption”

  1. “Pittsburgh isn’t a first class city.”

    That’s a nice double entendre…

  2. Philadelphia isn’t a first class city either… First class dump maybe, but that’s about it.

    Unless you LIKE burned out row house blocks, a high murder rate and trash covered streets.

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