Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Comment on Sandwichgate

I had a reporter contact me yesterday, but due to a communications mix-up with my co-blogger, which resulted in a, “I thought you were going to contact him,” “No, I pasted that blurb for you for you to send, not me,” conversation late yesterday, we never got back to him. Such things happen.

It looks like the reporter got the story on Sandwichgate (thanks to Cam or that name) out regardless. I should note that I never called for a boycott. Boycotts are something you organize, and I don’t have time for that at Annual Meeting. The NRA dumps a lot of money into a city when it comes to town, much of it on food. If there’s an establishment that’s supporting our opponents, I want people to be aware of it. What action they take from there is up to them.

I think this was a case employees trying accommodating an energetic, good looking young man that came into their shop sporting a cause. I doubt the employees thought much about the fact that they were making their company appear to insert itself into a controversial debate on public policy. Regardless, I think Primanti Bros has largely handled the situation poorly, as has been outlined by Bitter here. In my view the most damning accusation is selectively banning people from their Facebook page.

First rule of good PR is when you find yourself in a hole, to stop digging. They spent at least part of yesterday actively heaving dirt over their heads. I am pleased Primanti Bros has agreed to host NRA News cameras, and wear an NRA shirt. This will hopefully put this situation behind us.

11 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Comment on Sandwichgate”

  1. Way to make complete A**’s of yourselves. Total PR backfire, in Pittsbugh your the Pirates and the steelers are Primanti’s, way to get bad PR!

  2. roberto,

    Thanks for today’s entertainment. I’m not quiet sure just what went on, but it was funny.

  3. No hair nets, no gloves. Direct violation of the health code. Time to send the photo and a complaint to the dept of health.

    Just another reason not to eat a hair and dirty hand sandwich. Gosh, I now regret eating there on my last trip to Pittsburgh.

  4. As I said on the other thread yesterday. The MAIG shills were being smarter than us, and participating in affinity marketing.

    Cam has the right idea (although I suggested having a photo op with R. Lee or Nuge yesterday). If you do a little research, you’ll find that taking pictures with Toni (the cook at that Primanti location) has a little history. On their website they have pics with her and various people.

    I think taking Primanti at their word- they want to sell sandwiches and be an iconic sandwich shop is probably true. If you can’t patronize on principle, don’t. If you can show up with Cam and show how NRA members aren’t over reactive lunatics, please do.

    Sometimes all it takes to win is being nicer than the other guy, and on the whole, anti-gun people aren’t really very nice in my experience.

  5. Don’t worry Dandruff flakes, just because of the bad PR as a result of Primanti’sn at least Donal Trump and the birthers topped you in looking bad today.

  6. roberto – while dandruff flakes are certainly a concern, I’d be more concerned about the way that Primanti Bros cook is handling those fries.

  7. Speaking as a lowly, unknown commenter on this blog, I love it when I’m right.

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