What Winning Looks Like

From Twitter, in regards to our attempts to promote Cam Edwards’s answer to CSGV promoting a link to a poetry slam:

CSGV Losing

Yeah, I enjoyed that. No doubt they will keep pimping that link over and over in the hopes of getting more people to watch it. We accomplished that in 24 hours, and entirely through grassroots efforts. NRA News made the video, but we promoted it. And just so we can beat them even more, feel free to click here and watch if you haven’t already.

7 thoughts on “What Winning Looks Like”

  1. And for that matter, how many of their hits were pro-gun folks getting the context for Cam’s counterslam?

    Probably most of them. Given how well other anti-gun videos have done on youtube, I’d guess that less than 100 hits are from actual anti-gunners.

  2. “Slam poetry” and “Awesome” are not compatible.

    (Then again, “slam” and “poetry” aren’t, frankly.)

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