5 thoughts on “Gura v. Henigan”

  1. A relatively fair and civil discussion, although I don’t consider it balanced to allow Henigan was the first AND last word on the issue.

  2. you just got to love the news people, they get a jab in way they can.

  3. Henigan has resigned himself to losing the incorporation battle. However he is right that further battles will be on how far localities and states can regulate guns and gun carry.

  4. With the legal battles won in Heller and McDonald then there will be numerous small legal battles on the constitutionality of gun restrictions. The next big battle will be how far can we carry a gun.

    Already DC has a lawsuit on carry provisions.
    More important are the voting in pro gun people in state and local offices and enacted looser or repealing restrictive laws.

    I noticed that Hennigan was pushing for the restriction of private sales via the gun show. Probably that is most important. Via 4473 we have de facto registration and only the ability to have non papered guns really protect the populace from government ability to know and control private arms.

    I rather have crimnals have the ability to buy guns from stores than require allto do background check. That way lays greater freedom but not lower risk.

    I will take my chances of criminals having guns to have ease of getting one myself. Criminals already buy off the street . Most legal people do not have the contacts to do that. We buy from stores or gun brokers.

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