In Virginia Meeting With The Gun Folks

Bitter and I are in Arlington. NRA Board Meeting are going on right now. We don’t have much of an agenda, except for discussing some details of the Second Amendment Blog Bash with some of the staff who will be here. This is also a about the one place we can meet up with other bloggers and people we know around the country who are in the gun rights movement.

We will be attending the Public Affairs Committee meeting tommorow, then going to NRA Studios to say hi to Cam. Not sticking around for the actual Board Meeting this time. Meeting up with Countertop and Ravenwood later tonight.

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  1. “Bitter and I are in Arlington. NRA Board Meeting are going on right now. We don’t have much of an agenda, except for discussing some details of the Second Amendment Blog Bash.”

    Yeah,no agenda you say? You have a chance to do something big with the Holder Debacle while you’re THERE,and show your leadership abilities.

    And all you care about is the “blog Bash” later in the year.

    I would never call you a coward because I don’t know you,but man,you sure do know how to disappoint..

    Personally,you showed your true colors to me when you disarmed to be in the same room with McCain at the “NRA Convention.”

    Be well…..

  2. Yeah, chris, i know. I mean, he could be all like digging holes and preparing to bug out and shooting blue helmets while dodging incoming from the black helicopters and typing harshly worded letters to the editor. Instead he’s pussing out and working with the only gun rights group with any political pull. what a sell out!

  3. Chris,

    You seriously overestimate my sway with NRA. I could yell at them to oppose Holder until I’m blue in the face, and it wouldn’t matter. That would be overextending my political capital, in a big way. You also don’t know I what I have and haven’t talked to people about, so don’t presume. Definitely if you’re going to comment here in my sandbox, you ought not be rude and throw sand in my face. Assholes do that, and you’re not an asshole are you? I don’t have a problem with you disagreeing with me, but don’t disrespect me in my own “home”. People who do that, get kicked out of the “house”

  4. Oh, if only I had a black helicopter….

    Chris, d00d, the diffo between you and Sebastian is, he’s there. t the NRA meetin’. Walkin’ the walk. And you? Typing furiously to…other people on the Innertoobes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just that, with you bein’ such a true-blue defender of all that is good, it’s a little…disappointing.

    Also, if you would like to have an up close & personal discussion with the Secret Service about how come you are packin’ in the same room as a candidate for Prez, feel free; most folks get that the those guys don’t actually set the policy, only carry it out; and carry it out they will, over your body if necessary. Trying to face them down on even the most deeply-held principle is like trying to out-stubborn an anvil. Me, I just didn’t bother to go. McCain? Seen it.

  5. For the record I was going to say it but Chris beat me to it.

    That said, you could have asked you could have discussed why they were unwilling, you didn’t have to go up to them and say “HEY YOU! Yeah you douche nozzle why haven’t you demanded a holdup on the jackboot licker Holder?!”

    You know, in all the “pragmatic” methods you possess you could have done something like that since if he gets in maybe there won’t BE a blog bash…or more likely a 2nd amendment. Yeah sure, the second he does it there might be court cases filed (along with all the NRA money calls being made) but they could very do some seriously damaging stuff.

    You could do plenty, like expect more of the leadership, the people that don’t exist as anything besides another bunch of people at their own little party (like blog bash) without members. Stand up and be a leader and maybe some will follow.

    uncle, what pull? If they had any pull they might be, oh, I don’t know doing something, ya know, besides curling into a fetal position chanting NAHNAHNAHNAH and pretending if they can’t see him he won’t be the AG. Ya know what, I don’t see YOU running over there to hang with the big kids and do anything besides typing away either so watch where you’re throwin those stones in your glass house.

    RobertaX, that’s the problem. The pres, let alone the doods running aren’t royalty, or gods, or anything better than us. They’re a bunch of control freaks who aren’t even man enough to face the people without armed goons, the SS. They’re just smackin ya in the face with that one. Purely coincidental I’m sure. Puh-lease. The whole thing was a sign, besides them thinking better of themselves they were shitting on our rights and the NRA folks lapped it up. They should have told him, assuming they’re not just in it for the money, to take a flying leap if he and the goons couldn’t respect the rights he has taken on oath, several times, to defend. McSame was trying to win the highest office that executes the laws and he can’t tell the SS to piss off? Seriously?

    Look, Sebastian was at an NRA event, having an opportunity to discuss it with some, even if strictly off the record, and he was concerned about a schmooze fest. You’ve never been at some party and pull a host aside and tactfully, discretely ask them about the loner or the weird guy who tagged along? This is the reason 3pers can’t and won’t ever trust prags. They have a golden opportunity and it’s wasted on some illusionary sense of “not the right time” that the NRA seems to love to pound into skulls.

    Honestly, I’m dumbfounded here. I’m disgusted, I think my ass is getting a little raw from all the smoke being blown up it from prags lately. This is the same dumbass thinking that gets us McSames or outright leftists as our “two choices” to pick from. Seriously, this is on par with the super villains going into a long drawn out explanation of their plan when all they have to do is pull a trigger.

    Please, for the love of God, to avoid any nasty shit that could happen should your tactics fail and 3pers live up to their words, take opportunities presented to you, especially when they avoid all the layers of crap set up to deter you talking to them and ask the question.

    I didn’t want to blast you on this. I typed and closed the tab a couple times to give you the benefit of the doubt on this one. I feel like I do every time the NRA writes up some dumbass plan that pisses away a little more in order to appease the powerful anti-rights crowd’s thirst for shredding the constitution. Would you do the same if stuck in a room full of reps or senators, “hey, how about that weather? How’s the wife and kids?”

    Yeah, this is your house, and you can ban me or memory hole this comment, but it’s not going to change anything. It’s not going to bring peace to our peoples and it won’t change the fact that you didn’t want to ask the tough questions when you had the chance, it won’t do anything to those like Chris who called you out on blowing the opportunity except reinforce their opinion of you I suspect.

    Without asking the questions, without going blue in the face all you’re doing is what you damn the 3pers for, typing away on the internet.

  6. Didn’t Sebastian explain his stance on the Holder thing already? (the two entries on Political Capital)

    Therefore, there’s a REASON he isn’t touching “the Holder Debacle”.

    Overload in CO

  7. Tom, what part of “you also don’t know [he] what [he has and hasn’t] talked to people about” don’t you understand? You’re making an awful lot of assumptions and being quite an ass in the process.

  8. Divide and conquer … am I reading this as being deemed by some to be the productive tactic?

  9. 3pers and prags?

    Jesus christ … I am either way out of the loop, or back in junior high.

  10. For the record, I never said a writing campaign against Holder was a waste of time. If I thought that, I wouldn’t have asked people to do it. I know my readers are more dedicated to the cause than your average NRA member.

    Secondly, I’ve already outlined why it’s understandable for NRA not to be involved. Why the hell am I going to threaten them over it when I understand their hesitation? That will just make me look like an ass, and I will no longer have any influence with anybody associated with the organization. They will quickly conclude blogs are a waste of their time, and then we get to be out in the political wilderness along with you guys, where you rant and rave and no one takes you seriously. I’d rather be effective than shouting into the wind.

    Part of being pragmatic is knowing when you’re overextending yourself, and not pushing beyond your influence. NRA is well aware of your opinion on the matter of Holder. My bringing the issue up with NRA isn’t going to change anything either. They will do what they think is politically smart for them. I think it’s important for blogs to be taken seriously by NRA, and for us to have a place at the table. There might be things I’m willing to risk the relationship for, but this isn’t one of them. I’ve already outlined in great detail why that is the case. If you don’t agree with it, fine. I can accept that. But you didn’t build the NRA/Blogger relationship, I did, and you guys don’t get to decide how to use it. If the three percent crowd wants their own relationship, they are welcome to try to build their own coalition within NRA.

  11. Sebastian,
    If that comment I left lastnight at your place insulted you enough to ban me,so be it. This is exactly the reason I have stayed out of this whole dust-up from the start.

    I won’t throw names or bombs at anyone,I’ll simply disagree and leave it at that. I’ve never questioned what you or anyone else has done in this “arena.” I’m not to judge others.

    Roberta X,As far as my involvement goes,I’ve done much behind the scenes,volunteering time,and at one point,dollars,to help out. I don’t blow my own horn,or shine a light on it. It’s not about me,it’s about all of us,period.

    It’s simply all about choice everyone. The name calling is silly and childish,but I also realize when emotions and passions are involved,that is what happens. Keep doing what you do,and we’ll keep doing what we do.

    Be well..

  12. I have a quick question for the “Threeper” types here: when you go hunting (and let’s assume this is because you need the meat, not just the recreation), do you shoot the very first instant you see your quarry, or do wait to line up a good shot, even if there’s a risk that it might get away?

    I’m not a hunter, so I’m not sure, but my understanding is that you wait for the kill you think you can make and then follow-up with another shot if you only wound the animal. If you’re not confident that you can make both shots, you don’t fire in the first place. Doing otherwise wastes expensive and perhaps scarce ammo and alerts your prey. The political arena seems similar in this respect, but of course I could be mistaken.

  13. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly some folks will blast the hell out of people they disagree with, doing so with no info as to what the hell they’re talking about.

    IF every 2nd amendment advocate actually did “walk the walk” as often as Sebastian & Bitter do, perhaps we wouldn’t see quite so much fear in gun owners eyes right now. It’s not my job to gloss on about their efforts, and I won’t, but they have earned everyone respect through their actions on gun owners behalf.

    It saddens me to see people dropping turds in the corner of this site to make themselves feel all tough and shit. I guess my dear departed mothers advice of “you get more flies with sugar than you do vinegar” wasn’t passed around the “mom” network too much. It saddens me more to see people try and play the old “Citizens Band Rambo” on blogs as well. You can be real damned tough behind a microphone or a keyboard I guess. And it’s easy to claim you do so much for gun rights, yet also throw out the disclaimer “I don’t want to brag” about what I do.

    Sebastian, always remember, some folks shit out of the proper orifice, others spew it out of their mouths or in this case, their little pinkies. You have the respect of a lot of folks in the movement, a lot of people I have deep respect for, and value their opinion. Screw these assholes!.

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