Blog Bash Attendance Looking Good

Looks like we’ll have quite a crowd at the blog bash at the NRA Annual Meeting in Phoenix next year.  I just have to say, it would be really really cool if NRA could get Governor Palin to speak at the meeting next year.  I know NRA people read.  So yeah, take that as a suggestion from me.  Well, probably from all of us.

8 thoughts on “Blog Bash Attendance Looking Good”

  1. Why invite the nice but easy choice Palin? (plus she lost) Why not be edgy and invite some “support the Second Amendment (but believes in common-sense regulation” people in office? President Obama would be a suggestion.

  2. Let’s not have another USSS protected person invited. That was a royal pain.

  3. Nothing keeps Mr. Obama from leaving his security detail at the outskirts. Nothing keeps the Secret Service from being effective but unobtrusive if they were inclined or ordered to be so.

  4. He’s not going to order them to do so, and that has nothing to do with trusting gun owners. All it takes is one nutjob, with access to The President’s schedule, and one absence of security.

    Given that gun control has been largely driven by assassins, I’ll be happy if Obama doesn’t take his security for granted.

  5. Can’t attend this one. My honeymoon takes priority and no, I can’t take it in Arizona. The 10 day cruise has been booked and paid for.

    Sigh. Another one missed.

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