Those NRA Terrorists

Josh Horwitz is at it again, trying to paint NRA as a bunch of militia crazies because Don Young, Congressman from Alaska, has apparently been seen with someone who later turned out to be a sovereign citizen militia whacko. The entire evidence of this is seen here, showing Young in some sort of fast food establishment talking to what he probably thinks is some kind of tea party-like Second Amendment group. I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest Cox probably wasn’t going off about fringed flags and admiralty courts in front of the Congressman. I’m going to go out on another limb here and suggest you probably can’t swing a dead cat in Alaska without hitting some kind of Second Amendment group, and that politicians aren’t going to vet the leadership of every single one before speaking to them. Alaska is not a populous state, yet they have two representatives on the NRA Board. That should speak to the dedication of the average Alaskan to Second Amendment rights.

Speaking of the other NRA Board member, Wayne Anthony Ross (WAR, for short), CSGV levels poorly substantiated charges of racism and sexism. The sexism charge is particularly odd, since Ross broke ranks with NRA to endorse Sarah Palin for Governor, against the male incumbent. Odd for a guy who apparently thinks poorly of women. That, ironically, is what had everyone digging for anything WAR had ever written, including a defense of freedom of expression, penned twenty years ago, which has been twisted into evidence of racism.

This is a sad accusation by a group that is out of influence, and will soon be out of money.

One thought on “Those NRA Terrorists”

  1. Even our local leftie paper wrote an article suggesting that Schaeffer Cox (the crazy sovereign citizen type mentioned) initially appeared pretty balanced when he started his activities. The real crazy has started to come out over the last 6-9 months. Of course, the rag blames Rep Young for taking Cox seriously which apparently gave Cox delusions of grandeur and pushed him over the edge.

    Before the crazy, the most notable activity of Cox’s 2A group, the “2nd Amendment Task Force,” was getting some now-defunct signs banning carry taken off of municipal buildings in Anchorage. That’s pretty legit and mainstream activity, especially as the signs cited AK code that had been removed when our preemption law and “Alaska Carry” permitless system came into effect.

    Since then I don’t think his actions have been particularly helpful, however. In fact, the whole current thing comes out of a relatively minor Misconduct Involving Weapons misdemeanor charge (failure to inform an officer you’re carrying). That’s the sort of thing where a small fine and a week of community service will probably make it go away.

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