On High Ammo Prices in Alaska

An article from an Ancorage newspaper on high ammo prices:

Just ask members of the Alaska Machine Gun Association, who practically breathe bullets.

“That same ammo that we bought for, say, 6 cents a round three years ago is now 35 cents a round,” said Dave Arieno, president of the club.

Arieno says a United Nations effort to limit the sale of surplus military ammunition, combined with war in Iraq, have boosted some prices. High fuel and freight costs don’t help — especially in rural Alaska.

I can’t imagine the Philly media covering how hard high ammo prices are on machine gun shooters.  Alaska is a different place.

2 thoughts on “On High Ammo Prices in Alaska”

  1. Alaska media, keeping it real!

    It’s true though. 200 to 400 rounds is a day at the range for my pistol, and the rifle gets even less.

    It’s not unusual to go through 1000 rounds in less than an hour with my SMG.

    I shudder to think what a nice water-cooled browning .50 would have cost me in ammo.

  2. What ammo were they getting for 6 cents a round? That would make pistol ammo $3 a box of 50 or rifle ammo $1.20 for a 20 pack.

    I’m pretty sure even bulk surplus stuff was a lot higher than that 3 years ago. Am I wrong?

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