Coalition to Waste Time and Money

Ladd Everitt, and the other fine folks over a Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, are doing a fine job at bringing the vast diversity of the right to keep and bear arms movement together. They don’t seem to have much time these days to use their Twitter feed for anything other than sniping at bloggers.

This is not honestly surprising. You can see it’s not a wealthy organization. None of their money comes from any kind of membership dues, so they are not accountable to individuals. In fact, if you look at their 2008 tax forms, of the 219,000 or so CGSV took in, less than 95,000 dollars went to program services. One hundred eight thousand dollars of that went to something called EFSGV Consulting. That would be the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence. As of 2008, EFSGV itself was hemorrhaging money, while having cut their overall budget substantially over the past five years. They took in approximately 346,000 dollars, 108,000 of which we know came from their nearly bankrupt 501(c)(4). Because 312,000 went to salaries and benefits of the people who are spending their time taunting bloggers, they had to cut substantially into cash to pay for programs. I can’t imagine anyone who’s donated money to this farce would be very happy about this. Charity Navigator won’t even track them, and tell me how well they do with this guideline.

As quipped on Twitter  yesterday, we bloggers are the diversionary troops. Yes, please, pay attention to us, by all means. Ignore the Gucci loafered fellow on his way to Capitol Hill to lobby for more and more Second Amendment freedoms. Ignore all evidence of the new legal framework we’ve established. Continue to fiddle, while the anti-freedom movement around you burns. We “anti-Constitution insurrectionists” are watching with delight.

4 Responses to “Coalition to Waste Time and Money”

  1. I find the CSGV tweets amusing for how I am characterized. I am now a “gun extremist” for saying that Carolyn McCarthy uses her personal tragedy for political purposes – which she does.

    I am now considered a “far-right-wing anti-government militia guy” and am “disgusting and insulting” to those who have lost relatives to “gun violence”.

    I feel like Clark Kent when I read them – mild-mannered financial planner by day, extremist blogger by night.

  2. The reason that CSGV is engaging in Twitter fights is because they finally got someone (anyone) to pay attention to them. The last time they got the attention of anyone was the time that the author of “To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrant’s Face” made Joshie look stupid on CNN.

  3. jdberger says:

    The CSGV folks simply can’t help it. They’ll rise to just about any bait. The joy of Twitter is that all their followers get to see how nutso they really are.

  4. Thirdpower says:

    Ladd Everitt considers me a ‘traitor’ and ‘Insurrectionist’. I’m in such good company as Chuck Norris who they put in the same category.