If World War II Were Fought Today

I’ve been a regular reader of Belmont Club since the early part of the last decade. I am amused by a comment of his, that I thought I’d share it here:

It’s a good thing we’re smarter now than back in the old days. If World War 2 were being fought today, I’d fully expect to see the following headlines:

“Obama plans surprise attack on Normandy Beach. Officials say deception plan will fool Nazis into defending Calais”

“White House sources say the President has signed a secret finding declaring regime change in the Empire of Japan necessary to protect Malayan civilians.”

“OSS agents discuss French cuisine, postwar cookbook authoring plans.”

“Pentagon officials refused to confirm or deny that the super-secret B-29 bomber is carrying an Atomic Bomb. They say that while it remains a national objective to defeat the Empire of Japan, their primary objective remains the protection of Malayan civilians.”

“Good morning Mr. and Mrs. America and all the s**t at sea.”


In reference to the post here.