Mass Shooting in Japan?

How could this happen in gun free Japan? Clearly what Japan needs is to make guns more illegal than they already are. Sorry for the bad Google translation there folks.

UPDATE: The original link went stale.  I’ve updated.

8 Responses to “Mass Shooting in Japan?”

  1. kaveman says:

    This is off topic but I’ll post here since it’s recent and needs to be seen.

    Great news everybody!

    Paul Helmke indicates that it would be OK with him if we own single shot rifles.

    Victory is ours!

  2. The Duck says:

    Link to Japan not working any info you can provide here?

  3. calebc says:

    I wonder if anyone tried to defend themselves with a sasumamta:

  4. Sebastian says:

    Is that for real? There’s a leverage problem with that whole idea. People can move sideways, and he can exert a lot more force through leverage than the person holding it.

  5. calebc says:

    Looks like it is real. They just spelled it wrong in that article:

  6. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    I saw another article title that said two died, but the actually article had been removed from the website.

    I think wire services have the ability to retract stories or remove them for copyright reasons. Bastards!

    “Man catchers” usually went around necks, I believe.

  7. The Duck says:

    Yes several of the links dropped off, I printed several articles to keep the record & last report I saw 2 had died