2 thoughts on “Good Rule for Gun Safety”

  1. Reading the link reminded me of a safety rule I learned when working with a lathe, which is along the same lines: when something goes wrong, back away. DO NOT try to stop the thing with your bare hands!

    The problem is two-fold: we have an instinct to try to “fix” a problem–whether to catch a gun, or to touch the spinning part of the lathe. But the object in question–the gun, or the lathe–has the power to kill you. In the case of a lathe, it can literally tear you in half! (My shop teacher had the pictures to prove it, although I never saw them.)

  2. Sebastian, I’m actually in favor of actions that keep Evolution a viable way to remove contra-survival genes from the pool….

    Why, yes, I am a misanthrope. What was the first clue?

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