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  1. I’m sorry to say this, but the first thing I thought after hearing this was “God I hope it wasn’t an assault rifle”. After hearing he ”only” used a pistol and bolt rifle I said “thank god” it was just a Fudd gun.
    I feel horrible for thinking this way but people like Helmke have made me and most AR owners I know think this way. We are bracing for the war on our guns either way.
    By the way FOX News, what exactly is a “hunting knife”? Rambo is the only person I ever seen hunt with a knife.

  2. From an AP article:

    Police heard no gunfire after they arrived but waited for about an hour before entering the building to make sure it was safe for officers.

    So the police arrived on scene in two minutes, and then waited for 58 minutes before entering. Yet they (Brady’s) want to make sure that there is no possibility of having an armed individual to stop it sooner.

  3. It is sad this happen, If any of them where aloud to be armed, well if the same goes with if flies had guns, there would not be any frogs.

    It was a state build, so most states no one could be armed.(this is why I think people pick easy killing zones like this) I think Vermont and AK are the only states you can carry in state buildings. do you hear of mass killing in them states? no because an 80 year old lady at the bank could be packing an 44 mag and blow them away. People like that are just chickens.

  4. Pennsylvania has no restrictions on public buildings, except for court houses. Actually, I think quite a number of states allow carry in state buildings. I know New Hampshire does as well.

  5. Thank you, I live in a state that no one can carry, (IL)

  6. We can carry into any state building – even the Capitol – in Virginia. But he does have a point about this happening in gun free zones.

  7. Apparently the two pistols were registered and licensed. Good to see the Sullivan Act working so well all these years later.

  8. registered? who registered’s their guns? We don’t in South IL and we have a lot of gun laws here in IL. Why I say this, is a lot of people say registered guns and As far as I know, only NY City, LA, Washington D.C. and our great city up north in IL and county’s around that bad city does the people have to register their guns. But I have been wrong a lot on this blog too.
    Thanks Greg

  9. Open carry (no license required) is legal in NH, except for courthouses and federal buildings. Explains, of course, why our violent crime rate is so high.

  10. CCW or transport of a loaded gun in a motor vehicle in NH requires a $10 pistol license – no photo or fingerprinting required.

  11. By the way FOX News, what exactly is a “hunting knife”? Rambo is the only person I ever seen hunt with a knife.

    I’ve seen a few people do it in real life, with the aid of traps, although never anything big for obvious reasons. Practically, I’d consider any knife designed to assist in the skinning and cleaning of a typical animal to be a hunting knife, too. There are some rather specific requirements for that sort of purpose that you don’t see much in other knives.

    Of course, FOX probably just means some tacticool piece of pot metal.

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