4 thoughts on “NRA, Doctors Compromise on Florida Bill”

  1. In other words, we will have to come back to this issue in the future just as we are doing now with the local governments ignoring the preemption statute because there are no penalties associated with it.
    In the meantime we will have unqualified people give gun “safety” (get rid of your guns) advice under the “authority” of a white robe.

  2. Alternately, we can now say “see, we/NRA -will- compromise” on issues ephemeral to the fundamental RKBA.

  3. No penalties / enforcement means that this is a waste of time. As it stands, I can:

    1: Lie

    2: Tell the truth, and risk having doc decide he no longer wishes to provide service, and since he’s the only doc in my area that will take my insurance, I’m SOL.

    Right now #1 is the only option that I can choose. Just wait until they make it a felony to lie to your doctor.

  4. As far as I know nothing in the bill addressed doctors refusing service, which would be a sanctionable action due to their ethics requirement.

    The concern as I understand it was they would make BS “safety recommendations” and perhaps record the info in your records.

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