Friends Dinner

Sorry for the light posting this evening. Tonight was the Philadelphia Friends of the NRA dinner. I am disappointed not to have won anything, but there will be other dinners. Plenty of non-hunting guns. On raffle this year were a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22, and a Century AK, both of which ended up auctioned off because people chose the other prizes. The price was good on both. I would have bid if I wasn’t hoarding cash because of the job situation. Plus, the FFL handling transfers is in the city, which means 2% more sales tax. I’ll wait for the Bucks and Montgomery County dinners. You can actually find pretty good bargains at auction if you’re lucky. Who wouldn’t want an NRA Toaster anyway?

12 thoughts on “Friends Dinner”

  1. I had a blast at the last one here. I too did not win anything. Did get some fluff stuff on auction though!

  2. Was at the dinner tonight, had a blast and did bid on the toaster! The bidding became a little rich for my blood but will definitely try to win it next time at the Bucks or Montco dinner.

    It was my first NRA friends dinner and brought along a friend who also was at such an event for the first time. Definitely a good and interesting time and will continue to attend similar events in the future!

  3. What was the ending bid on the toaster? I was only willing to go $150 at a recent dinner in the Phoenix area, but the final bid was 2 and half times higher.

    1. OMG, that is way too funny. I think the toaster was $120. They started the bidding at $200 before dropping down to $50 to get it moving up again, so I assume that $200+ for it is normal. The most spendy item outside of the rifles ended up being the Tea Party print. But the guns pulled in pretty much exact value. The weathervane did well, though.

  4. I really wanted that tricycle for my 18-month-old boy, but even as a donation to the NRA, $170 was just too much. That Colt Centennial 1911 was gorgeous, eh? -JFW

  5. I went after the huge neon clock to add to my screen porch at the Chester County dinner. I quit at 400, it went for 600. I heard the Chester county dinner set a new record for themselves. I hope this happens everywhere. How many folks were in Philly?

    1. The neon clock was chosen in the “pick of the litter” raffle, so we never saw any demand on that item. I don’t remember how much the tricycle went for, but I believe it was pretty popular. I didn’t think to count tables last night, but I would say there were probably 250-300 people there. Everyone at our table (other than Sebastian and I) was a newbie at the dinner, so it’s clearly attracting some fresh blood.

    1. The Bucks dinner will be in the fall, too. I imagine there will be far more competition at the Lehigh Valley Friends dinner. I don’t see a date for a Lehigh Valley dinner yet, is it a high caliber event?

  6. You can come to the Roanoke dinner in August. I think it’s my birthday weekend :-)

  7. They did well. I heard if it holds they broke a record. I really enjoyed myself. Guns, for all ranges and ages. Great people. What I especially like was range runners, shooters, trainers, etc all put their money up and supported the Friends. Will be there next year for sure. Food, Friends, and Guns what else can you ask for.

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