9 thoughts on “Brady Lobby Day”

  1. Do you think their national event can top Illinois’ annual state event? We generally find between 4,000 and 7,000 gun owners to travel to the state capitol on a Wednesday or Thursday . . . all on their own dimes and their own time. We do provide 18-20 buses from the more distant parts of the state, which do stop for lunch in the capital sometimes, but the riders generally pay for their bus fare and their own meals.

    Never mind, I just read the piece. “Press conference.” I wonder whether they’ll be in Chicago on Tuesday when I hear the Illinois and national anti-gun groups are going to have their big presser to stop right-to-carry? Supposedly they think they can get a magazine ban, too. Somehow I doubt Jim and Sarah will associate themselves with that one in person. Word is that all the national groups are feeling desperate that they really might “lose Illinois” this year.

  2. “Assault Clips.”

    I know what they are doing, but every time I read that, I almost have to laugh out loud.

  3. How does a non-government group get a room in the Capitol for a press conference?

    If the press conference is outdoors (the press release says room though), weather forecast for Wednesday is wintery mix, e.g. some combination of snow, sleet, and rain.

  4. To me, “Assault Clips” sounds like one of those cheap haircut places, staffed by cosmetology students.

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