Lamenting The Inaction

The Washington Post is sounding curiously like the Brady Campaign this morning:

Progress has been stifled thanks to the outsize power of the gun lobby and its lawmaker allies. Equally disturbing is Capitol Hill’s failure to revive the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 or to defeat the Tiahrt amendment, which limits public disclosure regarding where and when guns used in crimes were sold.

As a candidate, President Obama campaigned on a promise to push for the closing of the gun show loophole and a revival of the assault weapons ban. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said during his confirmation hearing that he supports both actions. How many more people must be killed, and how many more families and communities devastated, before they and the Congress act?

Yeah, Tiahrt is all about stopping mass killers.  Got to stop those gun shows too, even though it’s not been said any of the killers ever used one.  Assault weapons ban?   Far better if they use far more deadly shotguns and rifles. Or gasoline and a match.

5 thoughts on “Lamenting The Inaction”

  1. I love how they say without Tiahrt that we can’t find out where criminal guns are coming from at all. That’s interesting. Seems they’ve traced the Pittsburgh shooter’s guns to a store. (He bought them legally – he wasn’t prohibited.) In fact, it includes this bit that shows the biggest scare tactic – that police can’t trace guns – is bunk:

    ATFE spokesman John Hageman said Tuesday that the bureau is assisting with the police investigation. Under federal law, the ATFE is permitted to share information it obtains from gun dealers only with other investigative agencies, Hageman said.

  2. I bought my first two pistols from Braverman Arms some 14 years ago! It’s nice to hear that they are still in business. The staff was knowledgeable, and to this day I recall learning how to safely and properly insure a weapon is clear from observing the staff’s handling techniques on that visit.

    After the salesman explained the pros and cons of revolvers versus semi-autos, I still couldn’t decide, so I bought one of each. I still have them both, and would hate to part with either, as I think of them both as my first pistol.

    The most important part of the article is at the end:

    “Regarding his tangential connection to two shootings with multiple victims, he said: “What are the odds? It’s an agonizing coincidence, but it could have happened to any dealer.””

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