OC Passes Out of Committee in Florida

Vote was 14-4. Says Marion Hammer:

“Every time they leave the house with a concealed weapon, they run the risk of it being accidentally or unintentionally or inadvertently exposed, and being observed by a law enforcement officer who’s having a bad day,” Hammer said.

You mean like this?

2 thoughts on “OC Passes Out of Committee in Florida”

  1. One, I can’t tell if I’m glad the focus is elsewhere or if I’m pissed my group doesn’t get some credit for this, but Florida Carry has been burning some major time and effort on getting this stuff through. In a way, I’m glad everyone can point to the NRA as it allows us to work unimpeded, although I wouldn’t mind the anti’s having to spread out their already limited resources fighting us as well.

    Now, leading into the reason I’m commenting – One of our goals after this passes into law is to work with the various police departments around the state to ensure we don’t have episodes like you linked above. We also have lawyers willing to work with people who may find themselves in that position.

    The goal is to protect gun owners. And the more proactive we can be, the less chances we should have of bad encounters like that.

    The work continues well after the law is passed, both in educating the police as well as trying to educate gun owners in a (probably vain) attempt to avoid Shotguns in the Library or “I have a RIGHT to openly carry in your store and refuse to leave!” type events.

  2. Robb, we should do what VCDL did: organize picnics and notify & invite local LEOs about them. Emphasis on INVITE.

    I am sure that Al Lamberti from BSO will not show up. MDPD James Loftus? No idea.

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