New Jersey Gun Ban Passes Committee

By a vote to 5 to 1, the sweeping gun ban has passed out of the New Jersey Assembly judiciary committee.  For those of you interested, here’s a list of the guns that are banned under this bill.  But oh no, they aren’t out to ban hunting guns.  No sir!  It’s meant to target criminals, not collectors and sportsmen.  You know, like criminals who use the Brown Bess as their firearms of choice, and who use Thompson Center Deer Hunter.  What’s even more disgusting is there’s politicians out there who buy this nonsense hook, like, and sinker.  And even worse are the ones who know this is crap, but do it anyway, because, well, who gives a crap about the constitution, and sportsmen.  Wake up New Jersey, you’re losing your liberty.  It’s time to take action.

See the firearms below that will be banned if this is signed into law (Source is Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs):

Traditional Muzzleloaders Banned by A2116

A2116 bans all traditional muzzle loading rifles with synthetic stocks or fiber optic sights – the most common, popular, and safe traditional muzzle loaders currently used for hunting by New Jersey sportsmen.  A partial list of popular muzzle loaders that would be banned by A2116 follows:

Buckskinner flintlock Carbine (.50)
CVA Greywolf percussion (.50)
CVA Greywolf flintlock (.50)
CVA Lynx percussion (camo) (.50)
CVA Lynx percussion (camo) (.54)
CVA Bobcat Hunter percussion (.50)
CVA Bobcat Hunter percussion (.54)
CVA Lone Wolf percussion (.50)
CVA Timber Wolf percussion (.50)
CVA Silver Wolf percussion (.50)
CVA Silver Wolf percussion (.54)
Deer Hunter percussion (blue) (.50)
Deer Hunter flintlock (blue) (.50)
Deer Hunter percussion (camo) (.50)
Deer Hunter flintlock (blue) (.50)
Pursuit  XLT flintlock (camo) (.50)
Pursuit XLT flintlock (blue) (.50)
Pursuit XLT flintlock (nickel) (.50)
Stone Mountain Silver Eagle percussion carbine (.50)
Stone Mountain Silver Eagle percussion (.50)
Thompson Center Black Mountain Magnum percussion (.50)
Thompson Center Black Mountain Magnum percussion (.54)
Thompson Center Firestorm percussion (.50)
Thompson Center Firestorm flintlock (.50)
Thompson Center Firestorm percussion (.54)
Thompson Center Firestorm flintlock (.54)
Thompson Center Greyhawk (.50)
Thompson Center Greyhawk (.54)
Thompson Center New England percussion (.50)
Thompson Center New England flintlock .50
Thompson Center New England percussion (.54)
Thompson Center New England flintlock (.54)
Thompson Center Tree Hawk percussion (.50)
Traditions Deer Hunter flintlock (.50)
Traditions Deer Hunter percussion (.50)
Traditions Pellet flintlock (.50)
Traditions PA Pellet flintlock (nickel) (.50)
Traditions PA Pellet flintlock (blue) (.50)
Traditions Panther percussion (.50)
Traditions Panther percussion (.54)

A2116 may also ban hundreds of other traditional muzzle loaders whose sights are not actually made of iron, or which contain a scope in lieu of iron or peep sights.  Because A2116 redefines many hunting firearms as “destructive devices,” the legislation prevents the heirs of those who currently own these firearms from inheriting them as family heirlooms.

Modern Guns Banned by A2116

In addition to banning many traditional muzzle loading rifles, historical firearms, and the .50 BMG, A2116 would ban many modern firearms, including the following partial list:

Examples of Banned Modern Hunting Calibers Under A2116

.50 Alaskan
.50 Peacekeeper
.500 Jeffrey
.50 Nitro
.500 Nitro Express
.600 Nitro Express
.550 Nitro Express
.577 Nitro Express
.700 Nitro Express
.500 50 Express
.510 Fat Mac
.6-577 Rewa
.50 Beowolf
.500 Black Powder Express
.500 A-Square
.505 Gibbs
.500-465 Express
.510 Whisper
.505 Nyati
.577 T-Rex
.510 DTC
.550 Magnum
.50 Airgun
.600 Overkill
12.7 x 99mm
14.5mm JDJ
12.7 x 108 mm
15.2 Steyr
14.5 x 114mm

Examples of Banned Modern Hunting & Target Handguns Under A2116

.50 Remington Single Shot RF
.50 Remington Single Shot CF
AMT Auto Mag
Bowen Classic Arms .500 Linebaugh Revolver
Guncrafter Industries M1
Freedom Arms Model 555
LAR Grizzly Win Mag
Magnum Research Desert Eagle
Magnum Research BFR Revolver
Smith & Wesson 500 Revolver
Smith & Wesson 500 Special Revolver
Tanfoglio Thor-Raptor Single Shot
Taurus Raging Bull 500 Revolver
Thompson Center Encore .50 Single Shot
Webley Boxer Revolver
Zeliska .600 Nitro Express revolver

Historical Firearms, Antiques and Replicas Banned by A2116

A2116 bans hundreds of historical firearms, antiques and replicas.  Though proponents of A2116 claim that the legislation targets only the .50 bmg rifle, this legislation is in reality a sweeping gun ban that would criminalize the possession, transfer, and inheritance of dozens of firearms other than the .50 bmg and the hunting guns mentioned above, including many collectible Revolutionary War through post-Civil War era firearms and replicas and antiques that are not even remotely similar to the .50 bmg.

Following is a partial list of collectible historical firearms, antiques and replicas that would be banned by A2116.  It is ironic that many of these firearms were used by early American patriots to win the very freedoms that A2116 seeks to take away:

1842 Springfield (.69)
1868 U.S. Springfield (.50/70)
Allen Conversion (.50/70)
Ballard Rifle (.50/70)
Brown Bess Musket (.75)
Brown Bess Trade Model (.75)
British Officer’s Light Infantry Fusil (.67)
Bullard Single Shot (.50)
Cadet 1869 (50-70)
Charleyville Pistol (.69)
Charleyville 1777 French Rifle (.69)
Charleyville 1766 Musket (.69)
CVA Blunderbuss (.69)
Colt Laidley (.50)
Colt Lightning (.50/95)
English Matchlock (.72)
Evans Musket (.69)
Gun Works English Sporting Rifle (.62)
Gun Works English Sporting Rifle (.69)
Harper’s Ferry Musket (.69)
Joslyn 50-60
Kodiak Express Double Rifle (.72)
Marlin Carbine (.56/56)
Martini Henry (.577)
Maynard .50-70
Maynard Carbine (.50)
Merrill Latrobe (.50/70)
Middlesex Village Long Land
Middlesex Village Ship’s Carbine flintlock (.75)
Middlesex Village 1717 French Army Musket flintlock (.69)
Middlesex Village Cookson Fouling Piece (.70)
Middlesex Village Doglock blunderbuss (.69)
Middlesex Village Scottish Murdoch Pistol (.52)
Middlesex Village 1773 French Cavalry Pistol (.69)
Navy Arms British Dragoon Pistol (.614)
October Country Muzzle Loading Light American Sporting Rifle (.62)
October Country Muzzle Loading Eight Bore Double Heavy Rifle (.85)
October Country Muzzle Loading Heavy Rifle (.85)
October Country Muzzle Loading Heavy Rifle (1.00)
Pacific Rifle Company African Zephyr Twelve Bore (.72)
Pacific Rifle Company African Zephyr Twelve Bore (.83)
Pedersoli 1777 Corrige Anno IX Musket (.69)
Pedersoli 1777 Corrige Anno IX Dragoon Musket (.69)
Pedersoli 1789 Austrian Infantry Musket (.69)
Pedersoli 1809 Prussian (.75)
Pedersoli 1816 Harper’s Ferry (.60)
Pedersoli 1848 Springfield (.69)
Pedersoli Fredericksburg Musket (.75)
Pedersoli Kodiak Express SxS Double Rifle (.72)
Perry Brass Frame Carbine (.50)
Ranger Carbine flintlock (.75)
Remington Rolling Block Rifle (.50)
Remington Rolling Block Carbine (.50)
Remington .50-45
Remington .50 Rimfire
Remington .50 Center Fire
Remington 50-70
Remington Hepburn .50-45
Roberts (.58)
Robertson Carbine (.52)
Sharps 1853 (.52)
Sharps 1855 (.52)
Sharps 1855 (.577)
Sharps 1859 (.50/70)
Sharps 1859 (.52/70)
Sharps 1863 (.50/70)
Sharps 1863 (.52/70)
Sharps 1865 (.52)
Sharps 1867 (.50/70)
Sharps 1867 (.52/70)
Sharps 1870 (.50-70)
Sharps 1874 (.50)
Sharps 51-40
Sharps Hankins 1861 (.52)
Snider Carbine (.577)
Spencer Rifle (.50)
Spencer Rifle (.52)
Spencer Rifle (.56)
Spencer Carbine (.50)
Spencer Carbine (.52)
Spencer Carbine (.56)
Tarpley Carbine (.52)
U.S. 1816 Musket (.69)
Whitney (.50/95)
Whitney-Laidley (.50)
Whitney Musket (.69)
Whitney Phoenix (.50)
Winchester Single Shot (.50)
Winchester Hi-wall (.50)
Winchester 1876 (.50-95)
Winchester 1886 (.50 express)

29 thoughts on “New Jersey Gun Ban Passes Committee”

  1. I think stupid people should be banned this is just another way for the state to get our money why don’t they try enforcing the laws we have instead of creating new ones. Last time I checked criminal didn’t care if it was illegal to have a gun. and a next they will say Knives with sharp edges are dangerous so we should all eat with butter knives

  2. 15.2 Steyr!?

    I guess they’re finally taking all those evil and plentiful Steyr AMRs off the streets!

    And .50 AE, now Agent Smith won’t be able to feed his Desert Eagle!

  3. Complete nonsense. I don’t even understand what the motivation is! Did someone walk into a bank with an old musket and fire off a round? If you are determined to stay in this state, better get fighting. Otherwise, just another reason to leave that urbanized polluted state! Come to Alaska and wear your sidearm on your hip.

  4. That .500 S&W Special is a DANGEROUS round….but the .460 S&W Magnum is a kitten.

    And the Guncrafter Industries M1 .50 GI 1911 (which I have much lust for) is a horrible bad, evil gun….but a 1911 in 10mm mag (which I belive is more powerful than the .50 GI) or .38 Super, or .45 ACP is totally cool.

    And of course crime will drop to Zero in Dirty-Jersey overnight of COURSE!


  5. Thank G-d I escaped from Jersey 21 years ago. NJ is the only place that makes the MA gun laws look good by comparison.

  6. I think NJ Residents lost their liberty long ago. Most of those who actually care have left the state for places that resemble free America. Hell, my Utah CCW instructor is a NJ refugee.

    But yeah, when was the last time a crime was committed by someone using any of the guns banned by that bill?

  7. Sorry for all of you who live in New Jersey one of the hell holes of this country.

  8. As the great New Jersey gun lawyer, Evan Nappen, says, “The difference between Pennsylvania and New Jersey is: In Pennsylvania all weapons are legal, with certain exceptions; in New Jersey all weapons are illegal, with certain exceptions.” For good or ill, New Jersey doesn’t have a “right to keep and bear . . .” provision in its state constitution. What can you say?

    Will the last American out of New Jersey please bring the colors!

  9. At least we don’t have to worry about the upcoming elections. We already live in Obama-land.


  10. Doctor S. wrote: “Otherwise, just another reason to leave that urbanized polluted state! ”

    The only thing I’d add is DO NOT LEAVE if you intend to bring that kind of bullshit where the sane people live.

    For those who intend to stay and fight, God bless ya, here’s hoping for a pro-rights wet dream of a ruling in Heller.

  11. Knowing how the NJ Attorney General interprets the law, I won’t be surprised if any firearm over.50 is banned before long including all 28, 20, 16, & 12 gauge shotguns. The 1989 assault weapon ban is now interpreted being as banning Marlin Model 60 .22 LR semi-auto rifles with 17 round tubular magazines.

  12. What a joke. Are these guys serious banning these ? A Marlin Mdl 60 … because it has a 17 round mag.. ….

    They can try to disguise it (they think) but a blind man can see thru this. Maybe they are worried that the American Revolution was won with muskets ….. LOL.

    Seems ya’all need to elect different ‘officials’, with a different and more realistic view. When’s the last time anyone robbed or shot anyone with a .50 caliber ? Isn’t this creating laws, for something that has not shown to be an issue in the first place ?

  13. I concur with Tom! Fight! Never ever cave in! Start applying yourselves, that means time, money, and effort on a personal level. Freedom is not free is not just a “saying” it is a fact. You cannot continue to give up ground by just moving to another state when you’ve let the one your leaving go to hell. And for godsake don’t bring that same philosophy to the state your retreating to!
    I’m from Kentucky. I am a LIFE member of the NRA. I am a LIFE member of the Kentucky State Rifle and Pistol Association. I tech Junior shooting, conceal carry, as well as being a never tiring diplomat for shooters everywhere! Damn it! get organized and start faxing,phoning, e-mailing, organize some rallies, make some Newspaper Articles, and vote! Fight-never give up! God Bless the ones doing who are doing these things and SHAME on the ones who are not! This stuff if you can’t tell, pisses me off!

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  15. We prefer Democratic People’s Republic of New Jersey.

    I used to be angry that Pennsylvania’s sign said, “America Starts Here!”

    Now I understand…. and agree..

    Anyone got a decent plot of land for sale near the Delaware?

  16. Just ask the British what happened when their TOTAL gun ban went into effect. Violent crime SKYROCKETED. Police CANNOT protect citizens from violent crime, not unless each one of us is going to have his/her own personal police officer with us 24/7. There just aren’t enough police to be everywhere all the time. The people need to be able to protect themselves from violent felons. All the police can do is try to catch the guy after the fact, but you or a loved one may be dead by then. People who own firearms LEGALLY do not commit crimes, so there is no need to disarm them. Stronger penalties for violent offenders who use guns to commit crimes are what is needed to deter them, not disarming of the citizenry. Remember that the next time you are tempted to vote for a liberal politician who wants to take your right to protect yourself away.

  17. I believe this gun ban BS is a very serious problem in this country with ulterior motives and takes away our rights as American citizens. I have to ask myself why would a government try to do this to it’s people. Then ask what would a government do first to force socialism on the population without a blood bath. Answer, disarm them.

  18. New Jersey keeps banning guns but the crime keeps getting worse.Hmmm!The idiots are elected by the people which means that they all can be fired by the people.Wake up !
    Even if you don,t like guns stand up and help the guns owners.
    Once one right has been taken away others will follow .Can’t you guys in Jersey spell recall!

  19. It never surprises me when legislatve pigs steal the god given rights of law abiding gun owners. I consider the mealy mouthed politicians who trample our 2nd amendment rights as a malignant cancer on the very principals of American democracy. If Teddy Roosevelt, an avid shootist, were still alive he’d probably want his image removed from MT. Rushmore.

    For the time being, I can only hope that the fiends who oppress the good patriots of our great nation will fall ill and slowly succumb to some disese that you or I wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy.

    Disgruntledly Yours
    Jack Borden

  20. The reason we ban guns is very simple. First, there are many irresponsible gun owners out there that think it is cool to shoot holes in propane tanks and then post their results on YouTube. These are the same individuals who place Cherry Bombs is glass bottles and then sue the bottle manufactures because their eyes have been blown out of their head. These fools have hurt all gun owners.

    Second, our Federal and States governments, in general, are extremely afraid of an armed public. Why? Ask the British! They found out what Americans are capable of.

    The real problem is that we forgot the meaning of “We The People”. We are not loosing our rights to own weapons. What we are loosing the “We The People” that our founding fathers died to gives to us. Unless we wake up; soon it will read “We Big Brother”, “We Big Business” or “We Big Banks”.

    Bill Leger
    Sad NJ Resident

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