All Money is Green

Even money from evil guns, if you’re Chuck Schumer. Schumer plays the gun issue politically. Most politicians aren’t true believers in much of anything except themselves. Friends in New York tell me he was once pro-gun enough to vote to repeal the Sullivan Act. When he got into statewide politics, he pulled a Gillibrand, or maybe it’s more accurate to say Gillibrand pulled a Schumer.

10 thoughts on “All Money is Green”

  1. It begs me to ask, why do all the gun manufacturers seem to always reside in States that look negatively on guns?

    Ruger, CT, Smith and Wesson, Mass, Remington, NY, Kimber is NJ. Kimber was once in Montana, but moved to jersey?

    Seems to me they all end up the wrong neighborhood.

  2. They probably mostly were there long before the areas became anti-gun (because that’s where the manufacturing was). The the politics changed…

  3. I think most of this is that these companies have traditionally been located in the Northeast, before they were ever anti-gun. That, for the most part, is a pretty recent phenomena. When your product involves some degree of specialized skill to engineer, prototype, test, and manufacture, it’s hard to just pick that up and send it somewhere else.

  4. And Illinois … off top of my head

    Springfield Armory Inc
    Rock River Arms
    Lewis Machine and Tool
    DS Arms
    Eagle Arms
    formerly Les Baer (moved to IA)

  5. I’ve been curious about Henry for a while now. They just moved to Jersey in the last, what, five years? Very recently as such things go.

    What on earth possessed them to move to possibly the most anti-business state in the union? To say nothing of the legal climate for their product. At least Sarco has the excuse of having been there before things got so sour.

  6. @Diomed Henry moved *from* Brooklyn, NY to New Jersey likely for corporate tax reasons.

  7. This always bothers me.
    I have always dreamed of getting a major firearms manufacturer to relocate to NW Pa. We have a lot of machining and tool and die shops with a surplus of skilled employees in the Meadville area. Many of these shops supply various items to firearms manufacturers. Last major gun makers in western Pa go back to the Damascus barrel and percussion era.

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