Gillibrand on HR4900

Kirsten Gillibrand gave an interview with New York News 4 where she seemed to back off the provisions of HR4900 that would make the Tiahrt Amendment a matter of law, rather than a matter of having to repass a spending provision each year refusing ATF funding to release trace data except for law enforcement investigations.

I saw the video interview, and it’s pretty heavily edited, which makes me wonder what the full context was of what she said.  Bloomberg is also speaking of productive meetings with her, but he will say that because it’s smart politics for him in terms of twisting her arm.  I should note that HR4900 is dead letter, because it was a bill in the 110th Congress.  Such a bill might be introduced in the 111th Congress, but chances of the bill going anywhere are slim.

I’ve never seen such arm twisting of a politician as the New York media and political establishment are doing to Gillibrand over the gun issue.  We’re now seeing why New York puts F rated politicians into office.  I’m hoping against hope that Gillibrand will dodge, triangulate, and say what she has to say to get the New York Media and Bloomberg off her back, but will vote with us on the really important things.   I would not be surprised if Gillibrand decides to surrender her A, and stakes out a middle ground.  Politically, she might have to.  If she drops to a B or even C rated politician, occupying the seat once occupied by Hillary Clinton, I still say it wasn’t a bad trade.  Given the chance, I’d say the same thing for Schumer’s seat.  This is New York.

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  1. the first rule of politics is winning.

    do what it takes, and sort out the details later.

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