Little Known Facts

Jacob is speaking of Chuck Schumer’s hunting trip, and mentions:

Common sense = New York City-style gun laws.  He does brag about his shooting medal too whenever he feels it would score him some political points.  For some reason, though, he doesn’t brag about when as State Assemblyman he voted to gut the Sullivan Act and make all of New York (and New York City) right to carry.  I have the vote sheet of him doing that.

So in this sense, Chuck Schumer isn’t that different than other half of New York’s Senate delegation. There’s not much in the way of principles in the political process. Everything is up for negotiation. Like Kirsten Gillibrand sold the Second Amendment out for down state votes, so did Chuck Schumer once upon a time. There’s a word for Senators who stand fast on principle, the political consequences be damned: “Former Senator.”  It’s our job to make sure the political consequences line up on the side of being pro-Second Amendment.

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