Reciprocity for Oregon

It’s about time. Can we fix Maine too? Though, at least it’s not hard to get a Maine license if you’re out of state.

5 Responses to “Reciprocity for Oregon”

  1. HOLY CRAP. Living in Vancouver, this is the bane of my existence. This might be the best thing OR ever does.

  2. Matthew Carberry says:

    Love the headline.

    I guess I have to ask, will they accept my American currency in the Banana Slug Republic?


  3. Sigivald says:

    Here’s hoping the Senate’s on the ball and Gov. Kitzhaber will sign it.

  4. Ken says:

    Unfortunately, the Senate is the bigger hurdle here at the moment, second only to the Governor’s signature part…

  5. Min says:

    Best thing to happen to this state in years. Now if we can get WA to recognise an OR CCW I’ll be happy.