Magazine Ban Defeated in Maine

Maine is one of the states the antis have been trying to turn to their side for years. It looks like we barely missed getting a magazine ban discharged to the floor by a 5 to 5 vote. I would suggest that if our opponents don’t have the juice in Maine, the prospects for stopping the federal magazine ban are pretty good. Still, I wouldn’t take anything for granted in this environment.

FYI, Maine’s NRA State Liaison is John Hohenwarter, who we interviewed here a few months ago, in regards to Pennsylvania matters. This is a significant victory for us, but you can bet they aren’t going to give up after this setback.

4 Responses to “Magazine Ban Defeated in Maine”

  1. Ginn says:

    An interesting note about this is that this was just a vote to get the proposal into a normal legislative session. Any bill after a certain deadline has to be proposed through a legislative council which votes to allow it to either take its normal course (go to a comittee) or never end the legislative session at all

  2. Ian Argent says:

    So, basically, a “not worth wasting our time on” vote?

  3. Ginn says:

    basically thats what it looks like. I think its even more of an insult to the anti-gun crowd

  4. Murdoc says:

    Yeah, this was a “get this off the ground” vote, and it failed on the way to the launch pad.