McCarthy Bill Introduced

Her press release is here. I’m going to assume her bill’s language will be similar to the Senate bill introduced by Schumer a few weeks ago. This bill is entirely unacceptable for the following reasons:

  • It threatens funding that help states put cops on the street. This is like a doctor prescribing amputation for a patient cut his leg and is bleeding.
  • It expands the class of prohibited persons to include people who have not been formally adjudicated as mentally ill.
  • It expands the class of prohibited person to include people who have drug arrests, but not convictions, within the past five years. It also expands it to anyone who failed a drug test.
  • It ends private transfers entirely.

This is classic gun control packaged in wrapper of “common sense.” It does not respect the Second Amendment, as it allows rights to be removed without due process, and it, through a sneaky back door, attempts to end private sales. We’ll fight this bill.

UPDATE: America’s lukewarm reaction to the current rash of gun control bills has Bloomberg in a tizzy. I hope Americans continue to disappoint the Mayor.

UPDATE: Maybe he needs to spend some more time tending to New York City’s business instead of everyone else’s.

3 Responses to “McCarthy Bill Introduced”

  1. Patriot Henry says:

    “It expands the class of prohibited person to include people who have drug arrests, but not convictions, within the past five years.”

    Brilliant! That means if you get caught with a breath mint that tests positive for crack you can’t buy a gun! We gotta keep guns out of the hands (and mouths) of those people whose minty fresh breath is a public menace.

  2. George says:

    Thanks for the information! Don’t these statist-bastards EVER let up? I hope it’s okay, I borrowed part of your post (with credit to you, of course) for my blog. Keep fighting the good fight! gfa

  3. Chas says:

    How about if illegal immigrants get arrested, they lose their right to be in this country illegally? Oh, I forgot. Obama LIKES illegals, so he’s not going to give THEM a hard time. After all, they’re future Democrat voters, just as soon as the Dems have the votes to give them amnesty. It’s law-abiding gun owners that Obama means to hurt.


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