Inspiring Confidence

These days if someone finds a powdery substance somewhere, it pretty clearly has to be tested. This happened at NASA recently, and it was found to be cocaine. This wouldn’t be of much note if the same thing hadn’t happened last year:

In January 2010, about 200 Kennedy Space Center workers were tested when a small bag of cocaine was found inside a space shuttle processing facility where Discovery was being readied for flight. That case was closed, and there were no arrests.

Good to know that the employees of NASA are flying high as they prep the space shuttle to fly high. Maybe it helps take the edge off those budget cuts, and impending unemployment caused by the end of the shuttle program.

3 thoughts on “Inspiring Confidence”

  1. Not to attempt to justify the coke heads or anything, but my Grandaddy was a rocket scientist and a NASA engineer and he took a fifth of whiskey mixed with coffee in a thermos to work with him everyday in the 60’s. It’d be empty by the time he got home. I still got the thermos. It’s big. The only thing he ever did was help design the rocket engines that landed people on the moon.

    You think they give away free (or at least cheap) coffee where you work because this was an isolated incident? People deal with stress in different ways.

  2. That’s right, even rocket scientists love to party. I don’t understand why it’s surprising that someone found a bag of cocaine in Florida.
    Despite however sketchy it is to bring your personal hobby to work, I’m afraid this will only result in arbitrary drug screening among NASA employees. So some engineer/technician/scientist is going to lose their job because some A-hole is not responsible enough to do their partying on the weekend.

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