The Need to Move Swiftly

Today, the full Senate is scheduled to take up Castle Doctrine according to an NRA email sent last night. Considering we waited the entire legislative session to see any serious action last year, the lightening speed of this is just amazing. However, there’s good reason.

Today is also the day that the Governor hands down the budget with massive cuts expected. And on top of that debate, we have to deal with redistricting. It’s a busy legislative session for a lot of reasons, so it’s a good thing we’re getting the major work on Castle Doctrine done now.

2 thoughts on “The Need to Move Swiftly”

  1. The only thing they need to know about redistricting is that the demoncrats will be going to court no matter what decision is reached. Last time it was almost the primary before it was settled. I am hearing December to January for redistricting.

    We should have Castle Doctrine in the books by then.
    I hope it is in time to stop the civil proceeding that most definitely are coming for Gerald Ung.

  2. FOAC and the Allegheny County Sportsman’s League just sent out this:

    House Bill 40 passed the House Judiciary Committee today and will be brought to the floor for 2nd consideration this coming Wednesday, the 9th. This is where the anti-gun groups will try to amend and kill this legislation. We are asking you to Please contact your PA State House Member and as many other members of the House of Representatives, especially leadership, that you can! PLEASE let them know that you want them to support this legislation WITHOUT AMENDMENT. (Please see the list of House Members contact information at the end of this message!)

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