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Because we’ve had a voting session scheduled for Monday, where Castle Doctrine could possibly come up, I’ve informed NRA that we can wait until after Monday for the Q&A. John is going to have to be in Harrisburg, and I do not wish to distract him from the task at hand. Plus, it’ll add more to the story about the Castle Doctrine efforts. After Monday’s voting session is over, I will get questions in and get then answered as best I can.

In the mean time, probably better to contact your House rep, along with Rep. Eachus and Speaker McCall, and tell them you want them to vote on Castle Doctrine.

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  1. Hohenwater is not our friend, and frankly, the NRA is an inconvenient and interferent group that we have to work with. What would happen if the gun issue went away? Who would pay LaPierre and others. Here’s my letter to the NRA. We would have had Castle Doctrine free and clear without their meddling:


    As a voting member of the NRA, and a Pennsylvania resident, I am at once confused and outraged by the unconscionable actions of your representative for Pennsylvania, Mr. John Hohenwater. I have seen how he manipulated Pennsylvanians out of Castle Doctrine (HB 40), made backroom deals with less than gun friendly legislators, and has now placed us in a position where the Castle Doctrine is at peril. HB 40 should have been voted on by the Senate, straight up or down, but rather, Mr. Hohenwater “negotiated” with legislators to combine the Senate version of the bill (SB 842) with HB 1926, and send the combined bill back to the House for approval. I believe that HB 40 was a done deal, needing only a concurrence vote in the PA Senate, and by now it would have been law.

    In addition to this particular matter, I have personally seen Mr. Hohenwater snub other members and leaders of grass roots organizations. I have seen the NRA press releases claiming credit for legislation they did not write. I have seen the NRA fail to endorse a candidate in Western Pennsylvania until 1 week prior to the election, and contribute practically nothing to the gentleman’s campaign.

    The NRA has of late, in my opinion, become nothing more than a fear mongering organization, hell bent on raising money. A good example is the continual bombardment by phone, e-mail, and mailings, warning of the dire consequence of some ill conceived small arms treaty that will be signed by the President. That’s a lie; the Senate ratifies all treaties, and small arms trafficking has been under the unilateral control of the State Department since 1976 with the passage of the Arms Export Control Act, and the consequent regulations, International Traffic in Arms Regulations, the ITAR (22CFR120-130).

    I am writing to express my disgust with the overall scare tactics lately used by the NRA, and especially the direct sabotage of the hard work of Pennsylvania grassroots organizations by Mr. Hohenwater. I believe, since Mr. Hohenwater works for me and thousands of other NRA members in Pennsylvania, that it is appropriate at this time to ask that he be replaced by someone more in tune with Pennsylvania issues. I have the distinct impression that Mr. Hohenwater shamelessly interferes with our political process in an effort to self aggrandize himself. That is completely unacceptable.

    You usual prompt reply to important issues such as this one is most appreciated.

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