More Castle Doctrine Fights Today

According to some state representatives on Facebook, we’re back on to fight for our right to defend ourselves on/in our own property today. From Rep. Seth Grove:

Going to be an interesting a fun week in Harrisburg. Supposedly we might have some transportation funding votes, but we will be voting on “Castle Doctrine” and I will thoroughly enjoy voting NO on all the gun control amendments and enjoy voting YES on a clean HB 40!

FYI – I think he’s my new favorite legislator. This update comes from another co-sponsor, Rep. Bryan Cutler:

HB 40, or the Castle Doctrine bill, is expected to come up for a vote today. I know many of you have been asking about this legislation, which I am co-sponsoring. I’ll let you know how the vote turns out.

Interestingly (and wisely, IMHO), NRA-PVF has opted to withhold state legislative endorsements and grades until the vote on Castle Doctrine & the half dozen or so anti-gun amendments that will be introduced.

2 Responses to “More Castle Doctrine Fights Today”

  1. Adam Z says:

    I have been watching this HB 40 Castle Doctrine very closely and all the horse manure that Dwight Evans and other PA reps have trying to tag along onto HB 40 to sink it. Also, last week on “Cam and Company” they had Kim Stofler on from Gun Owners Against Crime (around Pittsburgh based gun rights organization) and John Hohenwater, the NRA-ILA liason, talking about HB 40 on the show.

    I will be quite curious to watch which Reps vote against us. I will be making notes and watching on Nov 2nd/3rd hoping that they get crushed. All of sudden, they decide to put their crap (close Florida “loop-hole”, more Philly restrictions – and as a Philly resident this burns me up!, etc.) on the table now.

    Good job on the updates here.


  2. John Flocci says:

    Thankfully, HB 40 Castle Doctrine passed the House by a vote of 159 to 38. Hopefully, the Senate will take up this important piece of legislation in the next few days left in this session. The civil liability protections afforded an individual in this bill finally tilt the law in favor of the victim not the criminal. HB 40 really should be called a Victim’s Rights Bill.