ATF Woes

Dave Hardy links to an ATF internal related document outlining the problems at the agency:

Field agents have attempted to challenge the un-ethical, and illegal actions of field managers through various means in recent years only to meet with retaliation so destructive it almost inevitably results in the challenges or allegations being withdrawn.Fear of ATF leadership has replaced transparency. Lack of trust and the absence of good faith in trying to resolve these issues have caused a growing number of Agents to rely upon legal means to invoke the protections and seek redress. Record numbers of EEOC, OIG, OSC, whistleblower and internal grievances face the new management team. Requests for congressional intervention by Agents across the country…

Read the whole thing. Dave’s experiences with the federal buearaucracy seem to mirror a lot of this. That’s why I’ve said that ATF reform or even abolishment aren’t going to fix the problem, because they will be temporary at best, or will shift into another agency. The only thing that will work is altering or abolishing federal gun laws, to give whatever agency is enforcing them less leeway, and fewer laws to enforce.

2 thoughts on “ATF Woes”

  1. Hate to break it to you but this document is no more an “internal ATF document” than my grocery list. What it may be is a gripe sheet that may or may not be written by an ATF employee.

    I guarantee you could find disgruntled employees or customers who would pen such gripes about any federal agency or business. This is yet another example of why Dave Hardy can’t be taken seriously.

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