Next Castle Doctrine Moves

My goodness, it’s such a refreshing change to see a little action on our Castle Doctrine bill here. This week, we cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee hurdle. Next week, according to this update from Rep. Seth Grove, we’ll move it in the House.

HB 40 – Castle Doctrine has been sunshined for a a vote this Monday in the House Judiciary Committee! I am a proud cosponsor of this legislation and look forward to my colleagues of the Judiciary to pass it out of committee.

On the Senate side, we may also see a floor vote next week. Considering how many months we waited between hearings and votes last session, this is unbelievably fast. But, don’t let up. As we learned last year, there can be any number of unpleasant surprises waiting for us. Until Tom Corbett’s signature is dry, we should keep our eyes open.

11 thoughts on “Next Castle Doctrine Moves”

  1. OT, but Billings Gazette reports that Wyoming’s Governor Matt Mead has signed the permitless / constitutional carry bill into law.

    Now there are four permitless carry states: AK, AZ, VT, WY.

    Iowa just went shall-issue, and Wisconsin will likely follow, once the circus disperses and they return to normal governance.

    Florida’s probably gonna legalize open carry.

    Interesting times.

  2. Yes, I’m aware. I’m also cautious because the Senate is where we saw problems last year. It seems we might be past those already, but with how many former allies we saw throw us under the bus last year, I’m hesitant to celebrate.

  3. Hopefully you’ll get Castle Doctrine!

    Here in Utah, I’m cautiously hoping for Constitutional Carry. I know a bill was introduced early on, but we only have a few days left to get it passed–and I haven’t been able to see anything in the news about it lately. It seems that the big issue in Utah right now is illegal immigration.

    I ought to call my local representative, but I’m a bit shy, and I feel a little weird calling a local representative’s home phone.

  4. Cuts both ways — folks want to finish the story.

    Most posts here are by Sebastian. Ain’t no thing.

    1. Let me get this straight, you’re complaining about the lack of a single post on a website which costs you nothing to access and is run by people who are volunteering their time to discuss the news that interests them when this topic has been covered for literally years?

      I’ll link to the polite version discussed by Glenn Reynolds & James Lileks on just how such complaints come across to bloggers. I suggest that next time you’re upset that something isn’t covered, you comment on an appropriate post without the complaints. If it’s something near and dear to your heart, perhaps you could write up a post and send it to Sebastian to see if he would be willing to publish it as a user-contributed piece for discussion. If you’re consistently disappointed in the lack of free entertainment on the topics about which you are most passionate, I suggest starting your own blog. Domain names are cheap, hosting plans for someone just getting started cost less than a tank of gas, and WordPress is free.

  5. Ok.

    What if comment no. 6 read: “Sorry, we’re too slammed now. Great news from WY.”

  6. Nah, forget it, neither of us needs this crap; I’ll drop it. Like what you guys do here.

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