LA’s Police Chief Signing on to Back HR308

John Richardson notices something about LA’s Police Chief, that makes this move relatively unsurprising. Police chiefs are politicians more than cops. It’s utterly ridiculous and supremely hypocritical to argue magazines that hold more than ten rounds are “clips transform a gun into a weapon of mass death,” and then out of the other side of your mouth argue for your officers to be exempted from the ban.

One thought on “LA’s Police Chief Signing on to Back HR308”

  1. I’m quite concerned that even if the McCarthy magazine ban goes nowhere that a similar ban will get passed in Commiefornia. It’s true that California already has a 10 round magazine ban in place, but even so it is not as extreme as the McCarthy bill.

    California gun laws are already so bad that there aren’t many places left for the anti-gunners to keep pushing. If the anti-gunners are frustrated at the Federal level they might redirect efforts here, where they can still pass legislation. Don’t forget that the new California Attorney General used to be the DA of San Franciso, who argued for the losing side in McDonald v Chicago.

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