Castle Doctrine Still Alive – Action Needed!

It seems to have become confirmed that HR 641, the Pennsylvania Castle Doctrine Bill, will indeed not be heard tomorrow.  The apparent reason is that the black caucus threatened to walk out again over this bill.  From the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Steven Cappelli:

“Due to conflict within the Democratic Party, the majority chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has elected to pull my legislation from consideration by the committee tomorrow. Therefore, I have decided to draft my bill as an amendment to Senate Bill 436, which is currently before the House,” said Cappelli. “I do not appreciate having to go this route in order to have legitimate debate and discussion about my legislation, but I will do what is necessary in order to move legislation forward that is vital to the safety of the people of Pennsylvania.

It’s a good time to write your representative and inform him or her you’d like them to support this bill when it hits the floor for a vote.

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  1. Man,

    Spent part of last week in Nebraska with a colleague (and a Democrat) from central PA. He did not have nice things to say about either Rendell or the Phill or Pitt contingents in the PA Government.

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