Schumer’s Faulty Metrics

Schumer wants to penalize states that are “not enforcing background checks.” At first I thought this meant perhaps adding a stick to the carrot as far as mental health reporting goes, but that might not be the case:

Under the plan endorsed by Schumer and Bloomberg, states and federal authorities would be required to increase the percentage of denied gun permit applicants to the national gun database. The penalty for not reporting would be a loss of federal funding for crime prevention.

Not required to make sure the data in the database is more accurate and up to date, but to just deny more people the right to purchase a gun, with no regard to accuracy? They call the proposal “modest.” If their Thesaurus has the word “stupid” next to “modest,” I might buy that.

I haven’t seen language for a proposed bill, however, so it could very well be this is a case of the journalist reporting writing gibberish in their ignorance of the subject at hand, and perhaps ignorance of clear English as well.

9 thoughts on “Schumer’s Faulty Metrics”

  1. They call the proposal “modest.”

    A modest proposal, eh? I wonder what Swift would think of it…

  2. It may be that they want a higher percentage of negatory information in the database which would mean they would have to provide more information in toto.
    It’s not clear but I find it hard to believe schumer would be so stupid as to demand false information. The NICS system is the anti gunners pride and joy. Befouling it would only risk getting the entire thing thrown out. Hence why the inclusion of terrorist watch lists has been nothing more than empty bluster.

  3. More on the topic from NY.
    Looks like it is the abolishment of private sales in sheep’s clothing. As for the info, it looks as though he is looking for the states to provide data they have which they aren’t already providing. Rumor has it that some states claim 0 people have been adjudicated as “mentally defective”. Requiring the states to provide actual names and truthful numbers is within the scope of the law. I suspect that is what he is looking for in the more innocuous portions of the bill.

  4. Schumer’s bill is aimed at states, for them to assist with crime prevention, while at the same time threatening to decrease their capacity for crime prevention. What the fuck? The Mad Hatter has surfaced in New York.

  5. I have a better idea. How about cutting off all federal funding to New York until they wise up and get rid of their stupid gun laws?

    If we’re gonna play games with federal funds, then the knife can cut both ways……

  6. Another reason I hate federal funding of state programs. Assholes like Schumer can always attach strings.

    No more federal grants for anything – Federalism and Freedom!

  7. Markie Marxist sez: “First we make NICS look more impressive with more denials, then we require all sales to go through dealers for NICS checks, then we require national registration of all guns to prevent people circumventing the NICS check, then we ban and confiscate guns as we please, assault rifles first, hunting guns later. Every gun control step we take makes the next one easier. Pretty slick, huh? Meanwhile, our Marxist/warrior/hero/criminals buy all their guns on the street, with no inconvenience whatsoever! Ha! Ha!”

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