AZ Star Didn’t Do the Math

The Arizona Star notes:

In all other high-income democracies, it would have been very difficult for Loughner legally to have obtained his weapon. Some of these countries have very few private guns (e.g., Japan, United Kingdom), while others have fairly many (e.g., Canada, Australia, Israel, Switzerland, Finland), but have more restrictive gun laws than the United States.

Actually, Israel has few private guns. But either way, this is news to me. If you actually look at the data, you have to pretend Eastern Europe is largely non-existent for this to be true. Why is it that I, a lowly engineer from a second tier school, can do better statistical analysis than a Harvard Ph.D.? Maybe because I’m not receiving oodles of money from the Joyce Foundation.

3 thoughts on “AZ Star Didn’t Do the Math”

  1. Well, ‘engineer’ says it all. You actually have to deal in facts and reality, he doesn’t do so.

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