We Can Do Better!

Apparently the United States has about 40% of the world’s small arms in private hands.   I have to tell you, with that many armed spooky foreigners, clearly America is under threat.  We all know from the media and gun control folks that gun owners are scared to death of foreigners and minorites, so clearly we will just keep buying until we reach 100%.

4 Responses to “We Can Do Better!”

  1. Thomas Smith says:

    With 15 firearms in a gun safe, a full reloading bench and several hundred rounds of ammo, I’m doing my bit. Now who the hell is slacking off out there?!

  2. You can’t reach 100% by increasing you share … and don’t you think you’re taking *my* guns away, ya gun-grabbing yank! :p

  3. SteVe says:

    I believe the UN is working as hard as they can to help us.