My NRA News Interview

I have not listened to it myself, because it’s like when you were a kid, and talked into the tape recorder, played it back, and thought “That doesn’t sound like me, that sounds awful.” I wonder what kids today talk into. Though it looks like the old style machines are still around.

7 thoughts on “My NRA News Interview”

  1. Honestly … you sounded very articulate and did a great job.

    I have to listen to my own voice a lot because I do training videos, and I hate it and think I sound like a stammering idiot. But my boss tells me I do great and I just need to stop focusing on every little imperfection when I do a play back — which is undoubtedly what you’re doing.

    And he must not be lying, as my videos affect sales and he would get someone else to to the VO if mine didn’t sound professional (unless, of course, reduced sales are worth it to him because he enjoys seeing me look like a fool — but I think/hope he’s too much of a capitalist for that ;-)

  2. Finally had the opportunity to listen in. Great job! I don’t think anyone was able to tell you were sipping those manhattans while sitting nude in the darkened room.

    All seriousness aside. :) I believe you made an excellent distinction between the Philly politicians who chase sound bites and the jury composed of honest Philadelphians who can tell the difference between a cheesteak and a BS sandwich.

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